Friday, June 27, 2008

Camping Trip

I know, I realize I haven't blogged in FOREVER! Several of you have probably quit even looking at my blog cause it's so old. But yes, I'm still around! We've just had a very busy summer! So here goes:

Mid June we went camping with some friends (Brooke, Derek and Lincoln/Hayley, Derik, and Maddox/Jordan, Kristen, and Ella) at a camperworld campsite called Echo Island. Derek brought up his Wii and big screen TV for everyone to play. Kinda goofy looking with it sitting on the picnic table. Everyone was hanging around outside that night and there was this HUGE moth that landed on the TV and was just hangin out. I've never seen a moth this big in my entire life!

pretty creepy looking eh? This a view looking down
at it's face.

Greg picked it up and put it on his hat so you could
get an idea of just how big it really was.

The first night was pretty hard with all the babies as
it got real cold and they didn't wanna sleep in their
playpens. Lots of us ended up napping throughout that
next day.

Hayley and baby Maddox.

Dax loved being outdoors! Until it got unbearably
hot, anyway. (Dax and me).

"The Group" hanging out after breakfast.

Greg and Dax

Derek and baby Lincoln, Derik and Maddox
(sorry, couldn't get this picture to rotate).

Jordan, Ella, and Derek

Kristen and Ella (wouldn't rotate either)

Brooke and Lincoln packing up to go home.

We had a great time. Just note that if you're ever to go to camper world and you drive over 5 mph, you're sure to get yelled at to, "Slow Down!!" We learned that in the first 5 min we were there. We were only there 2 nights, but the last night was the best! The babies fell asleep in arms early and the rest of us stayed up until late that night talking about all sorts of things, laughing, and enjoying each others company. Thanks Brooke for getting us such a great hookup at CamperWorld!


Kara said...

How fun!

Courtney said...

Sounds like a blast! And I can't believe how big that moth is! Super crazy!!!