Saturday, August 23, 2008

Skipping Ahead

So, I've been putting off blogging because we've had such a busy summer and trying to find the time to upload all those pictures of vacations would take all day. I couldn't handle it and neither would Dax. So until I get all the pictures together (we're having family night tomorrow to burn ALL the pictures from everyone's cameras and family pictures onto one DVD for all of us to take home) I'm gonna jump ahead to the present. That way I'll feel guilt free when reading everyone else's blogs and everyone will quit giving me grief!

Dax is getting so big! He turned 6months old on the 14th of this month. He is able to sit up on his own, roll everywhere, eating solids (hurray for full tummies!), and has been sleeping through the night for at least 10 hrs since about mid July. It's so wonderful! He has been teething, and therefore very fussy, for the past month. But, he has finally cut a tooth the other day on the bottom. His gummy grins are even cuter now when that little tooth shows.


Anonymous said...

Darnett he is so CUTE!! I can't wait to have you back for Thanksgiving! I'll squeeze that kid to death!