Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guatemala...Part 6

Today we drove out about an hour to Quirigua and saw a bunch of Obelisques (mayan sort of totem poles) that the Mayans hand carved. It was so cool, yet unreal.

lean to the left...
The Obelisques were so old that many were broken, faded, or leaning.

This tree was behond gigantic. It is called "The Tree of Life."
If you look closely, you can see Alyssa, Me, and Marianne standing at the bottom of it.

Here we are in a closer you an idea of how tall this tree really is.

This Obelisque was on the ground like a giant rock rather than a tall pole.

Alyssa and Me at the same one as above.

There were MANY stairs to climb again.


Kara said...

Guatemala?!! Sweet! the pics are so cool