Thursday, July 30, 2009

17 months

Dax is 17 months now. He's changing so much every day. He brings so much joy and happiness into our lives and we just love him to pieces. We're so blessed to have such a wonderful addition to our family. Dax doesn't speak much yet, but jabbers a lot and is starting to learn the animal noises as well as good manners. He says "Ah low" for hello and "Hi", he puts his finger to his mouth and says "shh" when I shush him, and sometimes we'll be talking and he'll put his finger to OUR mouth and shush us. Ha! He still will only sign "please", but is always quick to say thank you "tate choo" when given something. In fact, he'll often remind US to say thank you when he brings us something. He can point to his eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hair, and belly button. He loves to swing and climb at the park and slide down the slides all by himself. He tries to be very independent. He sure loves his daddy and gets so excited when Greg comes home from work. He's a little hesitant when it comes to getting in the water still, and usually stays back in the sand when at the beach, but is liking it more with each day. He loves to sort things and transfer objects from containers. He's also enjoying watching videos a lot more than he ever has as well. He loves "Baby Einstein" movies or anything with puppets in them like Sesame Street. He says "Moobie, Pwe, Moobie, Pwe" until we put one on. He is really good with his routine in the evening of bath, brush teeth, prayers, and climbing into his bed. He doesn't so much enjoy the brushing teeth, but he's doing better as long as we sing the ABC's while we do it. He does really well folding his arms for the prayer and always takes off running as soon as we say "Amen." He gives the best hugs and has the biggest "pucker" out of anyone his age that I've ever seen. He gets the biggest kick out of the littlest things and is very easy to get a laugh out of. Right now his favorite foods are cheese, milk, raisins, chicken, and noodles (which you saw on a previous post). He's not too fond of potatoes, crunchy snacks (aside from Goldfish crackers), cold things which he always says are "hot", and eggs. He loves to watch himself on the camera and laughs at this video even harder than he does in the video itself.
We sure love you, Daxton!


Courtney said...

Oh Dax I love you to pieces! You do have the best pucker I have ever seen. I love that you will pucker up to give me a kiss and as I try to kiss your cheek you try and get my lips. Those blowfish lips sure do contain a lot of slobber!

Anonymous said...

Britney!! He is getting so BIG!!:) I miss him so much! Come back and visit us soon. PLEASE:) I miss you guys so much:) Email me soon:)