Monday, July 6, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

Our 4th began bright and early with a ward breakfast at Bluebird Park. Pancakes, sausage, and fruit galore! Our ward did a great job putting it together, and Moka--I think the drinks were the best part ;)
Dax was playing in some tunnels with Greg on the other side. I think this picture of Dax is so funny! He's playing "Boo" with Greg.

Next, after Greg took a nap to recover from his early morning (he's definately not a morning person), we headed to the beach and met up with Mike, Moka, and the gang to play for the afternoon.

Greg has been burrying a bucket in the sand lately for the kids to play in. They love it! It's like their own little pond to jump, splash, and play in. Also works great to rinse everything off (including Daxton) when cleanup time comes.

Dax, Bentley, and Me

Greg spent the majority of his time building a monster sand castle. In the background of this picture you can see the big hole that Mike dug. Mak is about to jump in and Bentley is already in it.

The finished product!

Ta-DA! Good job, Greg! Looks Great!
We came home and cleaned up, then headed off to Temecula to join the Moody gang at a BBQ with some of their friends. Chantel's friend Kristen made the best chicken! Throw in some corn on the cob, a couple salads, fruit, dip, and an awesome Red White and Blue jell-o trifle and you've got an amazing BBQ. When it got dark Chantel busted out some glow sticks and then we watched the fireworks from the sports park.
Thanks for the invite Chantel!
Happy 4th of July!!


Sarah said...

I love the video! especially the last line from Greg. lol

... I'm also a little jealous of that beautiful beach you're at :)

Courtney said...

sounds like so much fun. So jealous! I can't wait to go home and watch the videos. (they don't work on my work computer)

Kara said...

How would it be to live so close to the beach? Awesome! I bet Dax was totally checking out the hot chicks :)

The Dimond's You Love said...

brit i loved all of your guatemala photo's and stories! amazing. i bet you are happy to be back to the america's though!!! hehe, i liek to camp, but i'm a city girl at heart for sure! p.s. i feel like i am on vacation looking at your beach pictures, i love it!