Monday, August 31, 2009

Family Ties

Shaunna, Tammy, Chantel, Britney, Courtney

Greg and I are currently rooming with my sister and her family while Greg is getting started in a new job. My younger sister came in to town with her husband (last weekend) for one last vacation before baby Peyton arrives. I found out that two of our cousins were going to be in San Diego as well this very same weekend so we made arrangements and everyone was able to meet up for dinner, good cheek-aching laughs, and some belly rubs :)
Baby Grace and Baby Peyton :)
Thanks for coming to visit! It was so fun to get together, catch up, and laugh. Good times!


The Dimond's You Love said...

Woah I'm missing some important things in your life-what's up with Greg changing jobs? You can email me at if you prefer. I was looking at the wedding guest book I made for my friend who just got married and I was missing you and your classes last night...little tear =) love ya brit