Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Party after The Party

Chantel and Carl came into town late on Christmas night. So we celebrated with our family all together on Sunday. We went to church at my parents ward and and then began the festivities at my parents house afterward which included a nice ham dinner and then exchanging gifts.

Chantel and Carl

Court with her sleeping angel.

Dax got even more trains from Aunt Court and Uncle Joe!

Jax and Crew

Me opening my fabulous coat from Ashley.

Ashley helping Dax put together his train. (Ryan is to the left of her...he managed to stay out of every picture this year! So this is as good of a picture of him as I have, darnit!)

Chantel and sleepy Milo

Grandma B came over too. Jax is so funny and asked her why she has tubes in her nose (she's on oxygen) and Grandma B said that they help her to breathe. Jax replied, "I don't need tubes in my nose cause I can breathe good. See?" and then he took a big deep breath in through his nose. Ha! It was so much fun to be together and to have Chantel and Carl in town. Dax really loved having Milo follow him around and making him laugh. What a cutie he is! Our family sure is growing! I remember talking about the day when we'd all be married with kids and how big our family would be. It's already here...well only partially, and it's already so big!
I love spending the holidays with family.