Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas (2009)

We spent Christmas Eve this year with Greg's family. It all began with their traditional "finger food dinner in the living room." Which, although it was pretty squishy this year, was really good.

Then, next came "family planning" for the following year and planning our next family vacation. Then, onto opening presents! Everyone would be in and out at different times on Christmas day this year, so all the married families opened their gifts from Don and Marianne and then we did the sibling exchange.
Daxton opening a gift from Kyleena...a bowling set!
This was the first year in quite some time that the entire family was able to be there together.
This year for the parents' present, each of us got our family's pictures taken and Alyssa made picture frames in her woods class at school. We put together a collage of all the pictures onto a big piece of plywood and wrapped it. They loved it!

Greg and I opening our gift from the siblings...Super Mario Bros for the Wii!!

(Sorry, this picture is a little blurry.) Daxton LOVES having other kids his age around and to play with. He was crazy about his cousin Kyleena (who he hasn't seen since they were both infants) the minute she walked in the door and kept trying to hug her and play with her. She didn't want much to do with poor Dax...
But she warmed up to him really quickly :) Kissing cousins.
(No prompting, whatsoever, was done for this picture! Cute!)

One of my favorite family traditions growing up was to open pajamas on Christmas Eve. So I've brought this tradition into my own little family.

Now off to bed to await Santa's arrival!


The Allen Family said...

He is getting so big and more and more handsome everyday! Miss you guys!

Kara said...

Love Christmas time! your PJ's look like a fun outfit to go party in :)

The Dimond's You Love said...

So cute! did you take pic's of the rest of Christmas! You should post them for us to go 'ooo!' and 'ahhhh'!