Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Greg and I celebrated 4 years of being married on May 19th. For his anniversary present, I gave Greg 2 tickets to the "Neon Trees", "Mute Math", and "30 Seconds to Mars" concert at the Rail Events Center on May 8th.
Neon Trees: My new favorite band. They've got such good voices and Tyler Glenn is a hotty! Something about that mohawk...mmm, mmm...reminds me of Puck on "Glee" ;) And their drummer is a GIRL! The only girl in the band, and she's the drummer. Pretty inspiring and impressive if you ask me. You rock, chica!
Mute Math: They have the CRAZIEST drummer ever! When he first came on stage, he put headphones on and then grabbed a roll of duct tape and wrapped it around his head and under his chin several times. I was thinking, "What...?" Then when he began playing I could see why...he slams his head around like nobody's business! Don't want those things flying off. He threw his coat over his head at one point and played "blind" and broke several drumsticks throughout their performance. My favorite was when he poured a water bottle slowly onto his drums while he was tapping the symbols (is that what they're called?) with his other hand. The water emptied out of the bottle after he took a few swigs and then started slamming away on his drums and water was flying everywhere. It was so cool to watch! Near the end they stacked up a bunch of amp boxes and instrument cases and he jumped up top and played them with his sticks. That guy has got some serious talent! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Afterward, it was quiet for quite some time before the famous Jared Letto with 30 Seconds to Mars came on. People were squeezing their way up toward the front and crowding in. Some very tall drunk guy was trying to push his way up front from behind me and Greg and ended up shoving me about 5 feet to the left of where I was standing next to Greg. Scary! I yelled Greg's name and he shoved the guy. The guy shoved him back. Greg was about ready to throw a punch, when his buddy Jake (who ended up walking in to the concert just ahead of us) grabbed Greg and told the moron to basically get out here. Greg was all fired up and I was nervous he was gonna get into a fight. That boy needed a serious chill pill that night! But it felt good to know he's got my back ;) hee hee.
When "30 Seconds to Mars" finally came on, the crowd squished in even tighter and I could NOT handle it. So I told Greg I was gonna hang out in the back. I found my good friend Shelli (who is a total Neon Trees fan) and hung with her while Greg and Jake moshed it out together for the rest of the concert.
The famous Jared Leto with a Hot Pink Mohawk
It was an awesome night and a lot of fun to be there with Greg, but then to each end up having a buddy to pal around with so that we were both comfortable. Turned out perfectly.
I forget how fun concerts are. Makes me feel wild and young again :)
(Thanks so much to Brooke and Derek for watching Dax until 1:00am! They played at the park with him, bathed him, and even put him to bed! You guys are awesome. Thanks again!)
On our actual anniversary, Greg and I went out for chocolate fondue at Zupa's and then watched a movie at home afterward. Greg gave me a card with money in it for a deposit on a place of our own. EXACTLY what I wanted :)
Happy Anniversary, Babe!!
I love you.


k+m said...

such a fun concert! i'm so glad you were there to appreciate it with me. my friends were kinda lame about it...
happy anniversary!!!