Friday, December 17, 2010

Famous Family Fudge

The story goes that Greg's Dad's Mom used to work for United Airlines long ago typing for them. Apparently a new division of See's Candies was opening up in the area she worked so See's was sending across their fudge recipe to the new division. Well Greg's Grandma happened to be the one to receive this to send it on. So she made a quick copy for herself before sending it on. This recipe has been made and revised many times throughout the years to get it just perfect.
Greg's Dad is a pro at making the silkiest, smoothest, best tasting fudge and last year taught Greg just how to do it. The secret is in how long you cook it. Greg makes it for friends, family, and neighbors each year at Christmas time. I love just being able to sit back and watch him work his magic :)
The first batch didn't turn out (still tasted delicious, just the texture wasn't right), but the second batch Greg was so proud of. Way to go babe!