Friday, June 5, 2009

Guatemala...part 2

Day 2 we got up and had a delicious breakfast at La Posada and then jumped in the cars to go see some sites. Greg first took us to this really old Catholic church. Very neat, but boy were there a lot of stairs! The picture above was only one of three sets just like it that lead up to the church.

This is a very old tomb to the side of the church holding about 4 caskets.

( Tombstones to the right of the tomb)
On the way back down from the church it started pouring rain! It comes out of nowhere and rains real hard for a good half hour maybe, and then it's back to being hot and humid. It's such a normal thing for them that people walking around on the streets huddle under building overhangs and in doorways just waiting for the storm to pass. But when you're in a jungle, that's bound to happen. It's almost daily, sometime in the afternoon that it rains. We hurried down all the stairs and jumped into our cars soaked. Next it was off to an orchid farm.
Octopus Orchids

It was gorgeous there! Most the orchids weren't in bloom, but it was so green and lush. I would love to see it again when they're all in full bloom. I bet it's unbelievable!

Here the man who owns the place and lives there in a house was telling us about all the flowers and plants. According to Greg, he was drunk off his rocker and smelled horribly of alcohol! I didn't get close enough to tell.

(Greg and Me)
The flower in my ear makes the spice Cardemom. Pretty interesting.
Next it was off to Tactic to meet one of the families that Greg taught the gospel and to see some more sites. This was one of the areas in Greg's mission. The 3rd I think? We stopped at this place below where Greg told us the following story:
Many years ago in Guatemala a missionary taught and converted many of the people to the LDS church. The members were very faithful and this missionary asked for a temple to be built in Guatemala as there were so many members. The prophet responded by saying that he does not choose where the temples are built, the Lord does. Well this man started doing temple ordinances in the chapel of their church which used to be where Greg is standing and involving the members in it as well. Apparently the first presidency of the church caught wind of this and sent some people out to this very spot. In the middle of the night they dug trenches around the church, causing it to sink, and then they buried it. The man was obviously ex-communicated and all the members fell away.

(Greg, Nathan, Kim, Marianne)
Here is the paved entrance off the road leading up to where the church used to be. If you look closedly you can see where it suddenly ends. You can also see the tall gate posts on either side of the driveway.
(same picture as above, just from a different angle)
Next it was off to see the Quej Isem family. What sweet, cheery, happy people they are. They were so surprised and excited to see Greg as he wasn't able to get a hold of them ahead of time to let them know he was coming.
Out in their front yard saying goodbye as we left

They are very short people! L to R: Rosaria, Anibal, Oscar, Maria Eugenia, Otto, Pati, Bilma (not pictured is Darbin...he was being shy and hiding).

Greg's older brother Kenny with the single ladies! The one on the left was especially taken by him.

Greg's youngest sister Kim with the two boys.
What an amazing family they are! We all laughed at our broken Spanish and tried to pick up what we could as Greg and the family spoke Spanish and discussed certain people and caught up on what's been going on. They served us gaseosas de naranja (orange soda) and were so happy to see all of us. We love you family!


Jake and Denae said...

How fun!! Jake and I went back to his mission and we still talk about it! It made me love him even more! I miss you!!!

Merrells said...

I'm laughing because I could just write "Diddo" to the comment above. We went back to my Jake's mission and it was an amazing experience. Really gave me an appreciation for him and a stronger testimony in missionary work. Did you or are you going to Tecal? Jake's fam went there when he was a teenager and still talks about going back to visit again. Keep posting!
PS I feel for you leaving your little Dax. The two weeks in Brazil were the funnest and hardest time of my life because I missed my baby! They forgive you though.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, that story about the sinking church is crazy! ... some people, huh?!

The Dimond's You Love said...

How awesome! I loved reading all the posts about Dax's first airplane ride to all the crazy travel experiences. That is so awesome that you were able to go. Miss ya, love ya! =)