Saturday, June 6, 2009

Guatemala...Part 3

(Nathan, Marianne, Don, Alyssa, Karianne, Ken, Kim, Halee, Doug, Jason, Monica, Me, Greg)

We drove out to La Lanquin and hiked the cave there (it was so humid and hot and no air circulations so we were drenched when we got out). Then it was down the street to Semuk Champe where they have beautiful waterfalls and a bunch of pools that they empty into. It was so beautiful there!
We swam in the pools and played around in the water. The water was super warm and very clear. If you stood in the same spot for a bit, a bunch of small fish would start gathering around you.

There were also the most beautiful butterflies there that I've ever seen! Lavender, bright yellow, bright orange, and bright green. They would land on the colorful parts of your swimsuit that they blended in with. So neat!