Sunday, June 7, 2009

Guatemala...Part 4

On Sunday we went to church at Greg's old ward in Tactic where he used to teach and WOW what an amazing experience it was. It was fast Sunday, so it was testimony meeting and the spirit was SO strong! It wasn't too hard understanding what the members were saying and everyone comes up and greets you by giving you a kiss on the cheek. What sweet, humble, strong people they are. After church we went and visited another family. The mom and dad had gotten a divorce since Greg saw them last so he was not there. But both of them do woodworking and had some beautiful things there that they had done. Furniture made out of Mahogany too! They had several stores around Guatemala that bought their furniture to sell. They sure have some amazing talent.

Next we went to Chamche which is like a zoo/park. We ate our lunch there and checked out all the animals.

Lazy Gators

This one's missing an eye...yikes!

The monkeys! My favorite part. This little guy is the same one in all these pictures. He was so playful and kept begging for food. Here he is eating a chip he snatched out of one of our hands.

I wanted him to touch my hand cause he kept reaching through the fence...then he grabbed the yellow bag in my other hand and tried to pull it through the fence with all the food in it! He ripped the bag and I screamed cause it scared me. Sure wish we got that on video.

Beautiful male peacock next to his hideous female. Doesn't that seem a little backwards?

These are the coolest animals! They are called Chinese Chickens, but they look like Chickens with GoGo boots on.

This guy looks like a baby leopard, but it's just a weird cat.

In this video the boys are taking turns touching the cat. One of them got bitten and then you'll hear all of us yell at Nate when he goes for the fur right up by his mouth!
After Chamche we made the long drive to Puerto Barrios where we would be staying at a resort called Amatique Bay for a week.


shereesa said...

That looks like so much fun! I wish I was there

Courtney said...

I so wish you had that on video of the monkey stealing the food bad. That made me laugh. I can totally picture it!