Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where we are...

So after about 7 months of living in California (Laguna Beach and then Temecula) we decided to move back home to Utah. Greg's job didn't work out in Laguna Beach, so we moved to Temecula and in with Chantel and Carl to be close to family and try and avoid such a big move back to Utah if it wasn't necessary. But, Greg had an extremely difficult time finding another job while living in Temecula and decided to start up his own business being a broker for co-owned RV's, trailers, boats, etc. This is something he has had rolling around in his mind for quite some time and felt that now was the time to put it into action with all the free time he had. Things started moving along and Greg began working with a lawyer in Utah he had met a year ago and also others in Utah. With everything being in Utah that Greg was working on, we thought it was in our best interest to be there in Utah also. So on November 5th we packed up and moved back. We are currently living with the in-laws in their basement and are so grateful to all our family who have helped us out, supported us, and given us a place to stay while things continue to move along and get up and running. California was beautiful and such an experience, but it's so good to be back!