Friday, March 19, 2010

Girl's Night Out!!

Brooke invited Courtney and me out to her family's condo in Park City for a night. We left late afternoon on the 19th and spent the night. They brought their little munchkins with them, but I was so excited to get to leave Dax at home with Greg for a fun and much needed break.

These cute lil ones are only 5 days apart from each other in age.

We went out to dinner that first night and then came home and began our sewing marathon. Court brought her sewing machine and we each brought fabric to work on something. Court was coaching Brooke on making a little girl's sun dress.

We ate junk food, sewed, talked, and laughed the night away!

I started on some napkins for my kitchen when I get one again. Don't you love this fabric!? I'm totally loving it.

We finally called it quits at 2:50am when Court's sewing machine got gummed up and we couldn't figure out how to undo it. Probably a good thing though or who knows how late we would've actually stayed up.
We went to bed and the next morning we got ready and then headed out to the Tanger Outlets to shop and look around. It was so sunny, but FREEZING! The sun was very deceiving.
Afterward we headed back to the condo, made some lunch, cleaned up, and then watched "The Time Traveler's Wife" (total flop of a movie in my opinion...doesn't make sense and very unrealistic) before heading out.
The time went by too fast, but it was so much fun. Thanks again for having us Brooke!! It was a blast!


Jaeme + Randy said...

I'm glad that someone finally agrees that time travelers wife sucked haha =D

Kara said...

So fun!!