Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Love My Lover

For my Valentine's present Greg surprised me and got us a room with a HUGE jacuzzi tub for an overnighter by ourselves. It was in Wendover, which took a bit to get there, but was so fun! He came home from work early yesterday and told me to pack a bag. He had arranged for Dax to stay the night at my parents' house and as soon as we were all packed up, we dropped Dax off and headed out.
We stayed at the Peppermill Hotel. We checked in and then ran to the store for munchies and for Greg to get some dinner (I had already eaten). Then back to the hotel. Greg packed bubble bath, had gotten me my favorite Turtles chocolates, and had borrowed a friend's masseuse book and read up on some massage techniques (I think that was so thoughtful of him) and then gave me the best massage ever!
It was such a great night and so much fun to stay up late, hang out, eat, watch TV, have a full night's sleep, sleep in, and of course just be with my hubby.

Thanks babe! Happy Valentine's Day.



Jaeme + Randy said...

That is pretty cool, I may have to take a page out of your book greg! =D

Kara said...

Sweet! How fun :)