Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Bring Me Joy

Dear Daxton,

You're officially 2 years old now. It's crazy how fast the time has gone by. I remember you being a teeny tiny 6 lbs 13 oz and snuggled up to me with your knees tucked up to your chin. I sure do miss those days of snuggling you while you slept. But those were also tough times too with many sleepless nights due to your colicky-ness. Poor baby.

Now you're such a big boy. You run around and love to be chased. You come up to me and tug on my leg and say, "Mon, run?" (What you mean is "C'mon, let's run!") You love to jump and spin and be thrown in the air by Daddy. Thanks to grandma and grandpa's vaulted ceiling, he can get you up there pretty high, but it sure makes me nervous. You're at the age where you don't stop moving.

You are getting much more into watching Disney and cartoon movies, which I am loving. Cause if I have to listen to the music on another blasted Baby Einstein movie again...I'm just loving that there's a variety, we'll keep it at that. Your favorites lately have been "Meet the Robinson's", "The Incredibles", "A Bug's Life", and "Nemo" if that's all that's around. You especially love any movie with a baby in it (which is why you love the first three listed) and will watch the first 20 min of "Tarzan" because of this, but then want to turn it off.

You are obsessed with babies lately. And it's a good thing we don't have another one, or you'd probably maul the poor thing. I'd have to be on you like a hawk. You love your baby cousin Peyton and your friend Lincoln's little brother Carter. You're always wanting to hold the baby (which you're not the best at yet) and give lots of kisses and loves. You are totally enamored by their tiny-ness. You like to pretend you have a baby in your tummy and I'll catch you putting things down your shirt and patting your tummy saying, "Baby?" Like the little conductor that goes in the train at Nana's house. You'll walk around with his little head peeking out of the collar of your shirt and patting your belly saying "baby, baby." I'm still trying to teach you that I don't have two babies in my chest and that that's just mommy. A bump is a bump, right? I can see how that could be confusing.

You love to take baths and have ever since you were tiny enough to take them in the bathroom sink. You especially love bubbles. That's something we can be sure to bribe you with when we need you to take just one more bite of your dinner. You are fascinated with bubbles. I was putting my contacts in one day and you saw me put it onto my finger. Your eyes got real big and you shouted, "Bubble!" You saw me put it into my eye and now you point to anyone's eyes and say "Bubbles?" because you think everyone puts contacts into their eyes. You even like to dip your fingers in the solution left in the contact case (after I've put the contact into my eye) and you rub it over your closed eyelids as if putting contacts in yourself.

You're a big helper around the house. You love the vacuum and the broom. You love to rinse your dish and put it in the sink after you've eaten and help to unload the dishwasher. You especially LOVE helping with "oneen" (laundry), probably because it involves pushing buttons. I'll definately be sure to remind you of how much you love to do chores and help out when you get older and try to tell me you don't want to, or "it's boring."

You like to be outside. You love to swing and slide and run and get dirty. You love animals and especially when they're outside! You love going with mom to Pine Needles to pick out fabric, but only because you know you get to feed the ducks afterward. Those ducks sure are little piggies. A couple times I've had to scoop you up and hold you because they start nipping at your hands if you don't have more food for them. But that doesn't keep you from going back to visit. You love ducks. The other day a duck was in grandma and grandpa's yard and got stuck down in Mom and Dad's bedroom window well. It quacked and flapped around all day trying to get out. Later when uncle Nate jumped down in there and lifted him out, you followed him across the yard, down the sidewalk and across the driveway of the place he belongs and just about tried to squeeze through the fence after him, but luckily I caught you before getting your head stuck.

You're talking more and more each day and it's become so nice when you can tell me what is wrong or what you want. There's still times where I can't understand you and it makes me laugh because you are so adament with the same word. You look at me like I'm stupid or can't hear you and repeat it over and over. This usually leads to a fit, which you've become pretty good at throwing lately. We're working with you though to settle down and look us in the eye and say what it is you want, or have you take us by the hand and show us. Like at Nana's house. There is something there that you call "bodo" and you even try to sign it! You turn your palms outward and clap the backs of your hands together and say "bodo". We still haven't figured out what this is. You're starting to speak in short sentences, usually only two words together at a time, and are doing very well at saying your prayers. You love to say "amen" and it makes church difficult sometimes because you think it's time to go after each "amen." With there being a couple prayers and several talks, lots of "amens" are said and it is very confusing to you. Especially during testimony meeting! You make us laugh and keep us on our toes.

You have become so much better about going to sleep for naps and at night. Usually if we stick to our routine you do just fine. We give you a bath, put your jammies on, read a book or two, and then say prayers. After prayers you turn on your music and then turn off the light before climbing into bed. Daddy has taught you that there are many ways to turn off the light (with your head, foot, elbow, or even your bum) that are much more fun than just with your hand, and these different ways always make you giggle. When you climb into bed we cover you up and then have to find every tag on the blankets on your bed (I dunno what it is about these tags, but you are fascinated with them). This is sometimes frustrating as your favorite blanket (the airplane one) has the smallest of all tags. Often times I'll miss it while running my fingers around the edge of it in the dark and find myself going around the blanket two or three times before finding it. But once we've found the tags, I don't usually make it all the way through "Winkle" (the "twinkle twinkle little star" song) before you're telling me "nuh night" and rolling over to go to sleep.

You always wanna be going "buh-bye" and ask me this just about every morning after you wake up. You are a busy body just like your dad and always wanting to be moving around or on the run to somewhere new. Maybe this is why you've done ok adjusting with all the moving around we've done in the past 6 months.

Things you're into lately: Trains, playing with friends, blocks, books, having your back tickled, movies, babies, oranges, fruit snacks, crackers, and "choc-lic" (chocolate).

Things you don't care so much for: Being left with a babysitter, sitting and eating a meal (you'd rather snack throughout the day while on the go), vegetables--except for green beans, and breaded foods.

I started the potty training yesterday with you and things have been going pretty well. We've still got a long road ahead of us I'm sure. But you have been doing surprisingly well with it only being your second day. You've only had 2 accidents, and we're trying to get you to do ALL potty in the toilet, not just peeing.

You're growing up so fast and we love you so much! You are such a light in our lives and always making us smile. It's fun to watch you grow and change and be there for all the funny things you do and your reactions to new things. I sure love kissing those cheeks and hearing you laugh.

Luv You, roni bug!



Kelli N. Rich said...

Such a cute little ode to Daxton. I love it! I can't believe he is two already. Has it been that long?

Bryan and Whitney said...

So cute, Brit. You'll have to compile all these into a book for him when he's old enough to read them!

jessica& said...

So sweet! I love the video below. We are having a Valentine's day party at the church tomorrow for the adults. We are doing the Newlywed game. You guys should come with us. It starts at 7:00. It would be great to see you two.

Kara said...

I keep a journal for my boys and write stuff I remember about them or the funny things they do. I love it! That was a cute letter :) and yes, maybe it's a good thing you don't have another little one yet, because I remember I had to watch My oldest "like a hawk" when we had our second. he was only 22 months! It was crazy!! :) Dax will be a good big brother when the time comes :)