Sunday, February 14, 2010

Turning 2 is Tough

Daxton, today you turned 2 years old! You sure had a rough day. The above picture is about the only smile we got out of you all day (and this was after much coaxing). You woke up ornery, crying and whining at about 7:30 am and were much that way throughout the entire day. I sure don't know what was wrong with you. You wouldn't stay in nursery by yourself and after church Daddy tried to take you out back to swing and see if that'd cheer you up, but your swing got the best of you and left you with a nice little shiner below your left eye. Mommy put you down for a nap afterward, and you woke up just 45 min later crying and ornery, again.

It's so funny how you say you're "two" now when we ask how old you are. You sharply say, "Two!" and slam out your hand like you're telling someone to stop, while holding up all 5 fingers. Haven't gotten down the fingers yet.
You're really into trains lately...especially the ones that are held together by magnets. So I came up with the idea to make your cake into a mountain with a train coming down it. Daddy got all excited when I told him the plans for your cake and helped with all the construction. It was all we could do to keep you away from pulling the train off until after you blew out the candles.
You were so funny opening presents. You'd rip off tiny bits at a time and it took quite a while to open all of your gifts. You sure got spoiled!

Nana and Papa got you this remote control car, Great Grandma B gave you some money, Grandma and Grandpa got you a T-ball set to play outside with, Aunt Courtney and Uncle Joe got you a plastic golf set, Uncle Jason and Aunt Monica got you your very first Hotwheels, your friend Lincoln gave you a Digger and some alphabet magnets to go on the fridge, and Mom and Dad gave you some books and some clothes.

As soon as Lincoln arrived, you wouldn't do anything else as long as he wasn't right there doing it with you (he even had to help you open the remainder of your presents). You sure love your friend. You still haven't quite gotten down how to blow, but are real good at blowing your nose because you blow air out of your nose when we tell you to blow. Good thing the candles were on the portion of the cake that didn't get cut into ;)
Happy Birthday, Dax!
We sure love you.


Katie said...

Happy Bday Dax!

2 year olds are sulky in general I've decided.

Jaeme + Randy said...

I'm glad to hear greg didn't smash his face into the cake and make him cry this year, its a good year already for him! hahaha