Monday, February 1, 2010

The 14 Days of Valentine's Day

For Greg's Valentine's present this year I decided to get creative and did the 14 Days of Valentine's for him (after getting the idea from a friend who got it from a friend).
This is day 1.
Greg loved it and was so excited every day to see what that day would bring. Feel free to use this idea for next year :) Here's Greg's 14 Days of Valentine's that he received:
Day 1: One picture perfect child.
Day2: Two glasses of bubbly and my 2 hands to massage your tired back.
Day 3: Three reasons to stay in with me tonight (Redbox movie-one he's been wanting to see, treats, and drinks).
Day 4: Four of your favorite treats.
Day 5: Five things for a great date (Greg has been working late hours, so we got 2 take out lunches, 2 drinks, and played a couple games of "Skip-Bo" while eating).
Day 6: This one's a secret ;)
Day 7: Seven reasons you're the best Dad. (I printed up a letter with the reasons and added pictures of Greg and Dax throughout the years).
Day 8: Eternity. (I gave Greg a framed picture of us on our wedding day and wrote a letter to him telling him some of my favorite memories from that day).
Day 9: Nine cupcakes for my cupcake.
Day 10: Ten things I love about you (on post-its stuck to the inside of his car windshield).
Day 11: Eleven Hugs and Kisses (Hershey's of course--placed in the shape of a heart).
Day 12: A dozen of my favorite memories we've had together. (Sent in an email).
Day 13: Thirteen ways to say I love you. (I put "13 ways to say..." on our screensaver and then put "I Love You" in 13 languages on post-its around the screen).
Day 14: Happy Valentine's Day! (It was a Sunday-and we had Daxton's b-day party that night, so after church I made him his favorite lunch--turkey bacon and avocado sandwiches with Baked Lay's chips- and had made a crossword puzzle for him to do while he ate his lunch).
I love you Greg!!
Happy Valentine's Day!