Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Point

For playdate we decided to venture out to Thanksgiving Point. We looked around at all the animals and the kids even got to go on a pony ride!
L to R: Kyden, Lincoln, Makenna, Dax

Dax was so excited for the pony ride, but became hysterical when it was his turn and didn't even wanna SIT on the pony. We walked along side the pony for a bit...

Me and Dax
But then I made him sit on it and get a picture, happy or not, because I was NOT gonna have my $2 go to waste...I'm terrible, I know.

Peyton sure loved it though!
The funny thing is that when the ride was over and we were leaving, Dax threw a fit AGAIN, but this time begging to ride on the pony. *Sigh* There's no pleasing this 2-year-old.

L to R: Courtney & Peyton; Melissa, Makenna & Avonlea; Brooke, Lincoln (and Carter behind Linc); Dax and me.
It was so fun to meet and play and then have lunch and visit. I love my girlfriends!!