Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Greg turns 26!

Greg, Dax, and I celebrated Greg's 26th birthday together this year by going to Pei Wei for dinner (oh how I heart you Pei Wei) and then home for a movie night on Redbox.

I had found out just the day before that I was pregnant and was dying to tell Greg! I thought how perfect that Greg's birthday was the next day to surprise him. Holding the secret in just one day was killer! You should've seen the crazy look Greg gave me when I was chowing day on Dax's snacks in church and during the Sacrament! I had been feeling nauseous for a couple weeks and wondering if I was indeed expecting. I wrapped up the pregnancy test (kinda gross, I know...but I knew he'd wanna see it for himself that it was indeed positive) and then gave him a card saying Happy Birthday and telling him how much we love and appreciate him yadi yadi ya da...then at the end said "Lots of Love, Brit, Dax, and baby #2 (Surprise!)"
Greg was VERY surprised and after reading the card looking at me and said, "serious?" He's very excited :)

No, I didn't just give Greg a pee stick for his present. I had ordered him an RC helicopter off Amazon and it was supposed to arrive that morning...but ended up being on the doorstep the following morning as Greg was on his way to work.

He was very excited and couldn't wait to get home that evening to test it out.
He and Dax have had lots of fun with it and the first thing Dax asks when Greg gets home from work is "fly hel-copter?!"
Happy Birthday Greg!!
We love you!


The Dimond's You Love said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Greg! Nate is 26 now too, crazy business...Congrats again on being pregnant with #2! =)