Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New House

Welcome to our "New House" as Daxton refers to it. I told you I'd take you on a tour, so here is as promised...and long overdue, I know. We rented out and moved into a townhome the beginning of June that is very spacious and works perfectly for our needs. It was built in the 70's, so some of the things inside looks pretty old school (ie the blue carpet, wooden doors, and brass fixtures and knobs). But we did score new carpet and paint on the main floor and basement and new tile throughout. It is about 1800 sq ft and has 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. There is an upstairs as well as a basement and beyond the room in the basement is a large unfinished storage room with workbenches in it, so it has turned into our storage room/Greg's workshop where he can do his ring business out of. Works wonderfully!
Here's our living room/tv room on the main floor. This is what you see first when you walk in the door.
Here is to the right of the dooor, the stairs.
Betcha can't guess...oh you're right, it's the stairs!
stairs again.
And here is our living room standing on the stairs (had to get the whole picture in).

Here is our Dining Nook that you see when you walk around the corner of the living room. And this is my table setting when I have people over for dinner...which will hopefully be a lot more often now that we're settled and the cooler season is upon us. Love my dishes and napkins :) and no, I did not purposely get Daxton's high chair to match...it just happened that way.

Here is our kitchen to the right of the dining area.

And if you continue on through the kitchen, on the other side of the wall is our Wash area and 1/2 bath. To the right of the washing machine is a door that leads to the basement. But our basement is used as an office/craft room/scrapbook room/playroom, so you don't get to see that. Always a big mess. Just one open room.
If you head upstairs and around the corner, the first door on your right is Daxton's bathroom.

And directly across from that is Daxton's bedroom.

(Don't you love how he's in every picture...he kept hopping in and saying "cheese" every time I held up the camera). Daxton's room is now rearranged as he will be on one side and the baby on the other when baby comes.

And if you head upstairs, around the corner and continue straight down the hall, you run into the Master bedroom.
Left of the entrance. The door on the right is our closet. It's a long corridor walk-in closet so it's able to fit all of our clothes and shoes and then some other junk stored up on the shelves ;) Works marvelously.
This is at the foot of our bed and to the left is our bathroom.
Kind of a corridor with the second doorway leading in to the shower and toilet "room".

Here you can see it kicks back in a bit and that's where our double sinks are and long counter. Oh how I missed having counter space to get ready on!

And there you have it! Our New House.


Kara said...

I love your decorations! Looks like you moved into a great place :)

Merrells said...

Super cute place! You have done such a good job with decorating...it almost inspires me to do something at my house. (:

Jaeme + Randy said...

You have made it look wonderful! I'm happy for you guys!