Monday, November 8, 2010

Baby Bump

21 Weeks...
Dax took this picture for me, which is why it is kind of funny, but he managed to get all of me in the screen on one shot!
I can't believe I'm half-way through this pregnancy already and starting my 6th month.
The time sure has flown by this time around!!
I'm very happy with my weight this time around and I'm trying to not over-do it when it comes to late night cravings and munching.
But, we're just barely getting into the holidays, so we'll see how that keeps up ;)
I'm getting so excited for March to come and to meet this little guy!
He moves around quite a bit and last week at my big ultrasound he was so wiggly that the tech was having a hard time seeing what she needed to. It made me smile. I love seeing him!
Things are going good and I'm feeling great. Aside from the hot flashes that is...
I've been having fun making boyish baby legs, burp cloths, appliqued onesies, a beanie to wear home from the hospital, binky chains, and cloth wipes.
Yes, I'm going cloth. I've been researching for months and have decided to go cloth all the way. Cloth diapers and cloth wipes.
I'm so excited!
Since we have Aflac, we will be able to put a grundle into nice cloth diapers that will last us through the next couple kids and it will save us a ton of money.
Dax is potty-trained, but still has accidents at night, almost EVERY night. And I know that's normal for a 2 yr old, but I am really tired of changing sheets every day. Even pull-ups he pees through and they get so stinky gross that I ended up buying my first cloth diapers the other day for him to wear to bed at night and they work like a champ!!
I'm a nut for cloth diapers now so if you have a question, feel free to shoot it my way :)


Sarah said...

You look amazing!! Congrats!
Also... I totally want to know more about cloth diapers. Cody thinks I should go that way... but I just havent put that much research into it. What are the pro's for you besides saving $?

Kelli said...

You look fantastic! Good luck going cloth.

Monica said...

Awww, you look so cute!!! I'm so happy!

Jaeme + Randy said...

We are excited to meet the new little one! You are a brave woman to tackle cloth diapers and wipes... I don't know if I could handle washing them out haha.

Tamra said...

Brit you look adorable! I love that you are doing the cloth wipes too! I love them and it's so easy when you already doing the cloth. I'm glad you are liking the ones you bought.. I just bought some all in ones for night time use as well and LOVE THEM! So much more absorbant then disposable! Love ya