Friday, December 17, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving Day this year was spent with my side of the family. We switch off years between my family and Greg's family to keep things simple. We all met at my parents house for a yummy turkey dinner and everyone brought a pie. It was surprising that not one of us brought pumpkin, the traditional Thanksgiving Day pie. I made a cherry pie (since that's my favorite and my Dad and I are usually the only ones who eat it). I was so proud of myself! My first pie :) Although I did cheat and use a premade crust that you just cook. But I did do a lattice top and it turned out very pretty if I do say so myself. Darn, should have taken a picture!

My cute boys (shortly after this picture was taken, Dax was wiggling around on his chair and dumped his entire plate on the floor. Happy Thanksgiving Cooper dog!)

L to R: Mom, Me, Joe, Court (sorry, I chose the one with your eyes closed!), Peyton, Greg, Dax.

L to R: Dad, Dustin, Ryan (I love how his cheeks are bulging with food and he's shoveling up another bite already...haha!), Ashley, Kolby, Grandma B.

Chantel and Carl and their crew showed up later that evening and had come from California earlier that week. It was so fun to ALL be there for Thanksgiving this year. I love my family :)

After dinner was cleaned up and while the boys watched football, us girls got our craft on! It's a tradition that the girls make some sort of Christmas craft on thanksgiving.
My Mom found this tutorial for these cute rosette pillows and we all made them envelope style so that we can make several different pillow covers and switch them out using the same pillow form. Pretty clever, eh? Last year I started a Christmas quilt and finally finished it this year, so with my leftover fabric strips I made this fun pillow...matchy matchy :)

I think it turned out pretty cute, just don't mind the skee-wompus (however it's spelled) center flower. I ran out of fabric and had to improvise and then realized I was doing it more oval than circular. Oops!

We ate lots of food and stayed up way too late visiting, crafting, catching up, and laughing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Courtney said...

Hey, how did you get it so I can't click to enlarge your pics?! I can never figure this out!!