Sunday, January 9, 2011

30 Weeks

So here I am at 30 weeks...getting bigger and bigger! I am really feeling uncomfortable now and really looking forward to mid March when this little guy will make his appearance. I'm feeling good other than my burning, aching, trying to expand ribs and not being able to sleep good at night. As soon as I lay down Boston thinks it's time to swim a marathon and kicks and rolls and moves like you wouldn't believe. I think Greg thought I was exaggerating until the other night I made him lay there with his hand on my belly for a good 5 minutes and Boston moved the ENTIRE time! Greg was really surprised and said, "Man, I don't know how you can sleep with that," and then rolled over and went to sleep. No fair! Two nights ago I laid in bed for an HOUR, no joke, while Boston rolled around and kicked and moved. I love feeling him move, but not when I'm trying to go to sleep!
I have finished my "Baby Legs" leggings for him, appliqued some tops, made a nursing cover, and finished the pillows for the boys' room. I will post pics of all my projects together as soon as I am finished :) I started spray painting a bunch of things for their room yesterday (no worries, I wore a mask, opened windows and had fans blowing and then I closed doors and shoved towels underneath to keep the fumes out of the rest of the house while it dried) and have just a bit more to do and then I can start hanging things up. Eek! I have been having a craft fiasco lately with all the projects I want to complete. It's so much fun!
I have to share this story, cause it is just ridiculous if you ask me. About a week and a half ago, probably 2 days after Christmas, I woke up with THIS:

"Whoa!" "Are you for real?", "Yeah, that's pretty bad!" These are all comments made to me that morning. This picture doesn't do it justice. It felt like my lip was swollen when I woke up so I went and looked in the mirror and and AHH! It looked like I grew a beak over night! What the heck is this thing you ask? The nastiest cold sore I have ever had or seen, apparently. It was literally the size of a marble and swollen all the way through the inside of my lip. It was very sore and the next morning it had doubled in size, so I called my family doc and asked if there was anything I could take. I had never had this happen before and don't recall getting cold sores ever, really, so I didn't know I had one coming on and was supposed to take something at that point. I told them I was 7 months pregnant and they said they'd check with the doc and see if there was a prescription they could call in for me and they'd call me back. A couple hours later I got a call back from the office saying the doc wanted to see me that day and could squeeze me in 30 min later. So off to the doc I went...really? For a cold sore? Well it turns out that the doc wanted me to come in because I was so far in my pregnancy and just got this and didn't recall ever having a cold sore. He said the herpes virus could affect the baby and wanted to take a culture of this lump to make sure it was indeed a cold sore (YIKES that hurt!) and also draw my blood to see if I had the Herpes virus in my system already, or if this indeed was a new thing, because if the virus was passed on to my little guy, it could stunt his growth, cause him to have low birth weight, cause me to miscarry, or even have a stillborn. Ahh! I had no idea! He put me on a medication and I took it faithfully and waited the long New Year's holiday weekend to hear back about blood results. Fortunately I had previously built up a strong immunity to the virus and it would not be of any threat or risk to my baby. Phew! But I had to share that...
I didn't want to leave the house and you should have seen the looks I got from people when I DID have to leave the house. Seriously on day two it looked like I had previously had surgery for cleft lip. Awful! And I didn't even get a New Year's kiss this year ;(
But all is well now and the swelling went down, made a nasty scab, and that scab finally fell off yesterday. I had no idea cold sores could swell up like that!
Dax is getting so excited for Boston to come and share his bed with him. I have to keep correcting him by saying Boston will be sharing his bedROOM, not his bed. So funny. Dax even asked me a couple days ago how the baby is gonna come out. Ahh! What 2 yr old thinks of those things already?! I told him he'll just come out of my tummy at the hospital and then Dax responded, "Are they gonna cut him out?" I was very surprised by this question and just nodded my head in response. Oh Dax, you are so inquisitive.

10 more weeks to go...I can't wait to meet this little one!


Monica said...

You seriously look amazing!!!!! That cold sore was crazy! Good thing it wasn't anything serious. I'm excited to see pics of your craft projects. Keep me updated:)

Courtney said...

I'm glad you posted the lip pics. They make me laugh. That was so nuts! Yay for only 10 more weeks! The time feels like it's flown by. Can't wait to meet the little guy too!

Kara said...

Yowsa! I can't believe that cold sore! I'm so glad it wasn't anything dangerous for you or the baby.