Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Lil Cupid!

Daxton turned 3 yrs old on February 14th, Valentine's Day. Courtney took these pictures for me and I will fill some of the frames in his bedroom with them. I love how they turned out! Thanks Court! You did such a great job :)

This is Dax whining cause he is ready to be done taking pictures. We were definitely able to capture all of his personality in these pictures.

We love you buddy! You have sure grown this past year. You are getting so smart...too smart for your own good sometimes. You are so inquisitive about everything and ask so many questions that Mommy gets so frustrated with you sometimes. Especially all the "Why?"s that have started recently. I simply don't always know "Why", but that isn't good enough for you. You even asked me, at 2 yrs old, "How is Boston gonna come out of your tummy?" I told him we'll go to the hospital and the doctor will take him out. That wasn't clear enough for you because then you persisted with, "But HOW??" I gave up and just said the doc will cut him out and then you said, "But that will hurt you! You'll get bleed!" I have assured you time and time again that Mommy will be okay. I love how concerned you are.

You are still fascinated, entrigued, obsessed with, and loving trains. Anything to do with trains. You're always first to spot a train in a store, on billboards, in a book, or a movie. If there's one in a movie, you automatically love that movie and want to watch it over and over again. But usually just that ONE part with the train in it. You love Thomas and all his friends and know all their names. If I call one by the wrong name, you're sure to correct me. Even if they are the same color, you know whether or not they are the same train. I don't know how you do it.

You got a big tricycle at Christmas time and are doing really well at riding it. You love to ride around on it and every time the sun is shining outside while eating your breakfast you ask me if it's a nice day and if you can ride your bike.

You are so excited for your little brother to arrive and daily you flip up the calendar on the fridge and show me what day Boston is coming on. Now that you have turned 3, you know that's the next big thing to happen. We are set to be induced on March 17th, St Patrick's Day, so we'll see if Boston hangs out until then or comes early. You love babies and are so sweet with them. You love to hold them and kiss their heads, and give them a binky when they cry while saying, "It's ok, don't cry." You will be such a sweet big brother.

You are such a sweetheart and tell Mommy almost every day after I get ready, "You look pretty, Mom." Makes me feel so good :) You'll always agree with me when I show you something I like that is cute or small or pretty. Like when Boston's teeny cloth diapers came in the mail and I had nobody else at that moment to show how little they were. I said, "Look Dax, these are for Boston." You said, "Aw, that's cute." I love it!

You sure love your Daddy and love to wrestle (which you call "fight"), play hide and seek, and build things with. You ask everyday when Daddy is gonna come home. You love to play "hide from the Dragons" or "the dinosaurs are coming! Run Dad." You always want Daddy to tell you stories about trains at bedtime. One time Daddy was telling you a "scary" story about Thomas and his friends and there was a noise in the woods. But it turned out to be just a beaver gnawing on a tree. You still didn't interpret that as not being scary after all, and will sometimes say, "The beaver's coming! It's gonna get you! Run!" So I think that you think beavers are another scary creature. So funny.

You are sure tall and everyone thinks that you are older than you really are. You have been mistaken for being 5 twice now. Which is a huge jump from 2 or 3.

You have never been a good eater and still aren't. You could care less about mealtime and would rather just munch throughout the day while on the run. A lot like your Daddy. Meal time is always a battle with you to "eat one more bite" or "take 3 more bites." You have started even saying, "I ate too much, I'm sick" to try and get out of finishing your meal so that you can go play. You often do this after only 3 bites!

Another thing you do that Mom is not thrilled about, is you have started talking with your hands when you are very adamant about something or I've asked you "What?" 3 times because you mumbled. You'll then start explaining loudly, again, but with your hands. Also you like to argue quite a bit lately too, and with your hands. Often times you won't repeat your whole question, so I have no idea what you are saying. Like one day you asked if you could watch a specific movie after you ate breakfast and I said, "What?" and then you'd repeat, "Movie!" I'd then say, "What about a movie?" Then you'd get frustrated and start waving your hand saying, "I didn't say lots of words I only said one word, I said MOVIE!" It frustrates Mom just as much as it does you.

You sure crack us up and can definitely be a stinker at times, but we love you so much and can't imagine life without you.

Happy Birthday, Bug!
Love, Mom


Caytlin said...

What a little stud!!! Court did a great job!

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