Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebrating # 3

For Daxton's birthday we made him a chocolate Thomas the Train cake. I did the easy part and baked the cake in the Thomas pan that used to be Greg's brother's when he was little. Greg cleverly frosted it to look like Thomas. He did an awesome job and we had to improvise with the Green frosting because we were out of red food coloring. Dax was thrilled at Greg's cake decorating! Mr. Ace of Cakes right there!! ;)
On Daxton's big day, he and I went over to my parents' house during the day and my Mom watched him while I went to the doctor. He got a Thomas card...
The game Candy Land, and a puzzle with Diggers on it from my
parents. We can always use activities!!
Then we headed home and Greg's parents and siblings met us at our house and gave Dax
presents too. He received Bulstrode the boat that goes in the bathtub and carries Thomas the Train on him. Dax is begging to take a bath now!
When Greg got home from work, the 3 of us headed to McDonald's and had dinner and Dax
played in the playland for a while. Then we headed to Home Depot and got a big piece of smoothe particle board and had it cut to fit on Daxton's bottom bunk of his bed (we recently moved his bed up top as a reward for several dry nights in his bed). Then we went and he picked out the train Hiro (one of Thomas' friends).
We came home and put the particle board on, with his train
mat on top and then Greg built him a train track. Now he has his own "train table" and it's out of the way. Perfect! Dax loves it!

Then we sang Happy Birthday and blew out candles and went to bed.


Tamra said...

What cute pictures! Dax is adorable! Greg did such a good job on that cake I love it!

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