Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Boys' Bedroom Makeover...Finished!!

So I finally finished Daxton's and Boston's bedroom. They will be sharing. I came across this color scheme a little while ago and if you know me, you know I'm a nut for Turquoise. I love it complimented with Navy Blue, orange, and tan. So here goes....
This is what you see as you walk straight into the bedroom.
I practically spray-painted everything. Except I was able to find the cute little baskets under the changing table at the Dollar Store! Score! I tried to keep everything low cost, but still look cute. I did pretty well, aside from the fabric.
I spray-painted the frames orange (they used to be a rusty bronze color) and the "D" is just a large chipboard letter that I spray-painted Navy Blue. I heart case ya didn't notice. You can do so many things with it!! I wasn't able to find the exact turquoise color I wanted in the spraypaint, but this was close enough. So I went with it :) The hooks I found at Taipan for a couple bucks each. They were black rod iron, so yes once again, I spray painted them to match.

To the left of the door is Daxton's side of the room with his bunkbed. I found this car fabric and that's where everything stemmed from. I love it! His bedspread was this tan on the flip side of the stripes (perfect!) and I was able to find turquoise twin-sized sheets, the whole set, at Target on clearance for $7. Again, Score! All the fabrics I purchased at this fabric store called Elaine's by my house that is just like Pine Needles at Gardner Village, only it's bigger!! Let's just say that Greg was not thrilled about this find of mine ;) I could do some major damage in that store!

Daxton's favorite blanket is Navy blue, so once again, it all worked perfect with the color scheme. I found all the chipboard letters up on his wall at Hobby Lobby at 2 for $1. So I picked out the entire alphabet, and the letters that spelled out his name I swapped out for larger letters. Then I wanted the numbers 0-9 to add as well, but they didn't have them. I was able to find them at JoAnn's. I spray-painted everything and then Mom and Court helped me arrange them and hang them using this awesome stuff called "Command Strips" that is like double-sided tape, only really strong and removable too! So I can take them with us when we leave. Not only do I love how this collage turned out, but it is also serving another function at helping Dax to learn his alphabet (he already has his numbers down). He thinks it's fun having his name on the wall too.

To the right of the rocking chair is Boston's armoire and I definitely needed something to go on top. I found this picture frame at DI and the back was broken and it had no glass, so I scored it for $1.

I've wanted to do this saying in Daxton's room for quite a while, but didn't have the moola to fork out to put it into vinyl and have it on the wall. Plus since we are renting, I didn't want to have to leave it behind. So I popped out the matting on the frame, spray-painted the frame, then printed the saying up on my computer onto cardstock and glued it all back together. Voila!
And here is Boston's side of the room.
The lighting is funny so the frames look reddish, but they are really orange.
The "B" I spray-painted navy blue (just a large chunky cardboard letter from JoAnn), and the clock used to be a rusty bronze. I just unscrewed the face and then spray-painted it turquoise. But I'm not loving the tannish color of the face with the blue. It will have to do until I can figure out something else. But I love the shape of the clock and it being turquoise :)
I found some navy blue crib sheets at Target on clearance for $4 (yes!) and then got an all white bumper pad at IKEA for $12. Then I sewed orange fabric onto it alternating with the white. It was originally supposed to be all orange, but the lady who helped me figure out how much fabric I'd need for the bumper pad estimated very wrong, so I didn't have enough and couldn't spend more on fabric. So this is my make-shift attempt at making it still work. For the blanket I sewed the car fabric
and the pillow fabric back to back (both of these are flannel, so they don't need to be quilted cause they cling to each other). For all the pillows I just used a fat quarter or two and sewed them together and stuffed them. So easy!

And there ya have it. I really love having it all done.
Now I just need to fill the frames with pictures and it will be complete!


Jenn Hansen said...

That looks awesome!

Monica said...

Wow! Good job! I'm so excited to see it in person soon:) You have such a knack for decorating

Chantel said...

Great job Brit! Don't you just LOVE a good find on clearance? You did a great job pulling everything together. My favorite is the "Daxton" wall. I'll be filing that one away for later!

Kelli said...

Brit, I love it! You are so creative. I'm inspired!

Yeah, when I checked the comments on my blog I was thinking Greg was super sweet. Ha! We miss you guys!

john smith said...
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john smith said...
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