Sunday, April 5, 2009

Freaky Friday

Thursday night I woke up several times in the night not being able to get warm. I'm not usually one who is warm very often, so I blamed it on that and snuggled down in the covers. Come to find out, when it was time to get up for the day, that the furnace had gone out in the night. Great! One more thing to get fixed before we move. Greg said the thermostat was on "hold" at 63 degrees and punched it up to 68. He left for work at about 7:30am and even at 9:00 the heater still had not kicked on. I tried to bundle up in my own house (Dax was in a beanie and footed pajamas) and bare it since I had a lot of packing to get done, but after another half hour it seemed even colder, so I decided to call my mom and tell her we'd be spending the day at her place.

As if a cold house wasn't bad enough, on our way out the door I smelled gas. Right by the door in our hallway that leads to the basement. I opened the door and was about blown away by the strong odor of gas! I got worried and called Greg who said to get out of the house and he'd make a few calls. As we were driving out of the neighborhood Greg called and said that Qwestar Gas would send over somebody within the hour to check on it, but I needed to stay within the neighborhood so I could go over and let them in. So we crashed in on Katie and Quinn (thanks so much!!!) and the boys played for about a half hour when I got a call saying they were there. He checked the gas line in our basement and indeed there was a leak, so he turned off the gas line. It was somehow connected with our furnace (which was why it had stopped working in the night) and he said we'd need to replace a "valve" on it. Greg was able to finally get a hold of a furnace repairman who was in the area and said he'd be able to come over to look at it around 8pm. We were hoping it would get fixed because the temps were supposed to be dropping into the teens that night. That's all we'd need is for our pipes to freeze!

Greg got home around 5:30 and said it was 55 degrees in our house! So he pulled out the electric heater, snuggled down on the floor with Tucker, and watched TV until the repairman arrived.

Meanwhile, over at my parents house Dax had thrown up EVERYTHING he'd had that day and all over me too. I dunno what he caught, but it was bad! We gave him a bath and I borrowed my little brother's scrubs while my mom washed all our puked-on clothes (thanks so much for all your help Mom !!!).

Greg called about 9:00pm and said that the repairman had the part and was able to replace it. After Dax threw up 2 more times and our clothes were dry, we headed home and by this time the house was nice and toasty. Poor Dax had a miserable night and was up several times throwing up and pooping his bed. Which in turn had me up cleaning it all up and bathing him. What a crazy day it was! But at least we had a warm night's sleep to end it with (well, what sleep we got anyway).


KATIE said...

That's quite a day! You're welcome to pop over any time!

The Allen Family said...

you poor things! As if you didn't have enough going on already!

Merrells said...

Sounds like an adventure. Isn't motherhood and homeownership the best?

shereesa said...

how sad, Em caught a stomach bug like that too it's so aweful because there is nothing you can do. I'm glad you didn't die from the gas fumes though!! Good luck on the moving adventure, where in Cali are you going?

The Dimond's You Love said...

that must have all happened so greg could get in some last loving snuggles with tucker before it was bye bye time on tues! thanks again for ending class with such a fun and beautiful layout mrs. crafty! =)

Kara said...

wow! that is a crazy day! At first I thought it was an April fools joke or something. That is something my husband would do, turn off the heat to see if i would notice! It is so sad when little ones have the throw ups. they don't know what the heck is going on! fun for the parents who get to clean it up!