Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ready, Set, Jump!

Daxton has gotten a lot more comfortable in the water over the past month and is so much fun to swim with now! He is so goofy in the water and not afraid to get his face wet. He has also gotten brave enough to jump off the edge into our arms (before he would practically sit down on the edge and make you pull him into the water). These pictures are at some of Chantel and Carl's friends' house. Dax has always liked pretty warm water and it's so hard to keep him out of the hot tub. But don't worry, we don't let him swim in it. He just gets to jump into our arms and/or put his legs in the water.

This picture makes me looks like Daxton is the one holding the camera and trying to pull a "cool kid" expression.

Hello bug eyes!

Appologies for it being so dark, but you get the idea. This is a video of some of Dax's first jumps!


Courtney said...

Ahh! I love how he says Hello! So cute. Can't wait to see the little guy again soon!